VirtualBox Tips

Sun xVM VirtualBox is easy to use.  Why would you use it?

  • To setup Windows XP inside of Vista to test software
  • To load a server inside of a server (this saves money – all you do is add more memory and hard drive space.)

So what is virtual box and how do I set it up?

VirtualBox Installation allows for guest operating systems to be loaded on your host operating system.
See the attached document – installing-virtualbox
Note:  This documentation is not intended for a substitute for VirtualBox instructions.  Use at your own risk.

My USB dosen’t work in Virtualbox

Several People have USB and Network Setting errors in VirtualBox.  The pictures below are from my setup.  Remember, just because you don’t see your wireless network card, doesn’t mean it’s not working.  Make sure you check NAT if you want the virtual computer to be separated on your network.
Also on USB, you must enable it.

How do I see my virtualbox on the network or I can’t see virtualbox on my network?
My virtual computer goes to the internet but I can’t network.

Easy, go to your virtual box’s settings – select network – select host interface (NAT will be there by default) – Click the add host icon (lower right -highlighted) – Click OK.

Go to your physical computer (host) and bridge your active network and the virtual adapter. (see picture below where I am using a wireless connection).


As you can see by the picture, I ran softperfect’s network scanner and now I can see all of the computers in my network!


How to setup Virtualbox link and download.

BotHunter for your Operating System and Network

Awesome IDS for your home or corporate network.  Read the Installation Notes!  Windows XP and Linux only at this time.


From BotHunter’s Website:

BotHunter is a passive network monitoring tool designed to recognize the communication patterns of malware-infected computers within your network perimeter.  Using an advanced infection-dialog-based event correlation engine (patent pending), BotHunter represents the most in-depth network-based malware infection diagnosis system available today.

Can Twitter Be Too Much?

I think Twitter can serve a great purpose in communications with companies or communicating with friends.  How much is too much?  Well I started following a friend and evidently he tweets every move he makes! Too Much!  Too Personal! Now this is not even a realistic view of twitter, but you can see Twitter in action at TwitterVision .

Networking TCP/IP for Absolute Beginners

Recently I wrote several articles on TCP/IP.  It amazes me that most people try to make it difficult and break out with some form of mathmatical calculations and talk bytes and bits with personnel who are green to IT / IS.  I tried to make these tutorials simple for the beginner.  Later in someone’s career you can break out the crazy math behind TCP/IP.   Check it out.

Take Control of your IT Career

Information Technology continues to grow.  Although the economy may be in a nose dive, it is important to look at survival guides such as this.

Where IT jobs are headed.  SlideShow

Overseas jobs.  Link (It is OK to leave…we’ll miss you)

by the way off shoring is losing its appeal, developing countries need their own IT staff and many companies realize they need someone on site to help with problems.  The amount of wasted hours on the phone with help desk centers not located on site cost greater $$$ than having someone there!  Are companies finally waking up!

You Better Know!

  • Virtualization
  • Web 2.0
  • Cloud Computing
  • Server Management
  • Wireless Networking
  • Information Security

Just saw this and I like it – “Read the Tea Leaves and See where the Wind Blows”