USB 3.0 – Transfer 27 GB in 70 seconds!

Intel help standardize USB.  In the early days, no one used it but today we couldn’t live without it.  With the new USB 3.0 standard, soon motherboards will adapt the standard and you’ll be able to get an add-on card to support it.  Once the operating systems support this standard, we will see a push for this.  Is it good.  Oh yeah.  Link

Will You Let Other People Use Your Internet?

Free Wireless

I have always liked Lifehacker and still do.  I stumbled on an older article that says you should share your wireless internet.  Hmmm … not me

  • I work for my internet
  • No viruses for me thank you, I ate some for lunch
  • No malware for me
  • No surfing warez sites for me
  • No pedophiles continuing their habits on my IP
  • No RIAA lawsuits against my IP address
  • No sniffing my data
  • No battle for my own paid for bandwidth

Lifehackers Article